Sail Training Association of Sweden, or STAS for short, is the national branch of the international organisation Sail Training International (STI).

The association was founded in 1998. Amongst other things, it is tasked with spreading information about possibilities for young people to sail on board Swedish ships, organising participation in The Tall Ships Races (TSR) for Swedish ships, and coordinating applications from Swedish cities which wish to host the TSR.

Moreover, it is also engaged in ongoing work relating to issues of safety at sea and to collaboration between our Swedish sailing ship companies and the relevant authorities. Within the framework for international collaboration in the STI, it works for standardised regulations and training programmes.


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Org. nr : 857209-3683
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c/o Westerberg
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Here you will find some current information about our activities.


Membership of the STAS is open to ...

•    Sailing ships and sailing organisations whose principal objective is to engage in youth training.

•    Swedish cities/municipalities which wish to support youth training on board training ships either by hosting  them or in another manner.

• Swedish cities which wish to apply as hosts for The Tall Ships Races

• Individuals, groups, organisations, businesses and others who wish to support the association in its activities.

For more information regarding membership, please get in touch with Anders Carlsson (treasurer)


Sail Training International (STI) is an umbrella organisation that overlooks the Tall Ships Races, amongst other things. The organisation, which is a non-profit association, has its roots in the very first tall ships voyage of 1956.

STI works closely with training ships, national and international sail training organisations and host cities all over the world in order to help young people benefit from the experience of sail training.

Today, the Tall Ships Races has grown into a huge event. Every year around 3,000 young people take part on board 100 ships from 20 different countries.

The organisation grows from year to year, and today there are local STA associations in around 25 countries.

Read more at STI’s website:

USSO - Youth section

The USSO (Young Swedish Wherry Sailors Organisation) was formed in autumn 2010 and operates as the young person’s section of Sail Training Association Sweden. The organisation works to spread information to young wherry sailors, to organise opportunities for them to meet and exchange experiences with wherry sailors from other parts of the world, and to enable them to impact upon the operations of Sail Training International.

More info about USSO you can find at their website: