Being a trainee onboard a sailing ship in the Tall Ships Races is about more than just sailing. In fact, we would venture to say that sailing is simply the tool used to attain our true goals.

You will make new friends for life - in various different countries, from many different cultures. You will improve your foreign language skills and understand what teamwork consists of at an international level under unique (and occasionally pressing) situations.

After a week at sea and at port, you will return home with a noticeably enhanced cultural understanding; you will have found new personal strengths, and you’ll be able to attest to an out-and-out once in a lifetime experience! There are even those who say that they have found their home when they realise that the adventure is over and it’s time to leave the ship and go back. Welcome onboard the adventure and trip of your life! [Read more]



In order to sail as a trainee, you must meet the following:

* You must be 15 years of age or older
* You must not be older than 25 years of age
* You should be able to understand and make yourself understood in English
* You must be able to swim at least 200 meters.


Previous sailing experience is not necessary. The regular crew will teach you everything you need to know about life onboard the ship. Everything from how to set sail, to navigating the safety regulations. If you aren’t afraid of heights, you can even climb the masts. Everyone will help you with your daily tasks on board, from cleaning the deck to helping the chef in the kitchen.


Everyone can take part as a trainee, regardless as to whether they have the financial means or some form of disability
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As with saving for a language course abroad or any other big adventure that contributes towards building life experiences, it costs money to take part in the Tall Ships Races. Food, accommodation and costs associated with the upkeep of the ship are some of the things that your expenses cover.

Sail Training Association of Sweden (STAS) is completely not-for-profit and does not make any profit from trainees.


Once per year, usually in the last quarter, STAS offers sponsorship-funded trainee places. These places are financed largely by sponsors and benefactors and are awarded via a lottery after July. Regardless of the total cost of the trainee place, STAS’s policy is that the place should cost the trainee no more than 2,900SEK (315EUR). In return, we ask for a written report of the experience.

STAS puts out information about sponsorship-financed places via its traineebank online. It is free to register and does not require any kind of commitment.


Do you want to challenge yourself? Do you want to take on an adventure that includes an international exchange in the environments and situations that few get to experience? Perhaps you have saved for the adventure through summer jobs or have their own sponsor who will help you, Sail Training Association of Sweden will help you free of charge on how to proceed in order to become a trainee!


Without the scholarship donors' support, our business is almost insignificant. We are our scholarship donors consisting of foundations, funds, organizations and businesses eternally grateful.

I still remember the sailing experience clearly today; amazing memories from a great adventure. I remain in contact with many of those I met on the boat, in fact I even met my current best friend there.

The mix of cultures was so amazingly great; language and communication was a challenge, but it was so rewarding and enlightening. Ever since the trip I have yearned to go back to sea, and I would so gladly do it all over again


Matilda, 2011

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You does not bind you to anything. You register your email address in order to receive advance notice of future trainee positions for participation in The Tall Ships Races!

Here’s how it works!

Background) Sail Training Association of Sweden (STAS) is a Swedish organisation under Sail Training International (STI) which annually organises the Tall Ships Races (TSR)

1) STAS seeks sponsorship from foundations, organisations and funds, etc. 

2) Once STAS has received willing sponsorship support from sponsors, we see if they have any specific desires or requirements. Thereafter, we search for applicants from those who have registered their interest on the web page.

3) The application lists any requirements and qualifications needed from applicants. All applications are of course free of charge. We have a policy that, unless otherwise stated, covers all costs above 2,900 SEK (315EUR).

4) The places are assigned either by a lottery or by a jury. Personal contact is made between STAS and the chosen people. Contact is established and instructions are given. The chosen individuals will be connected by for example Facebook or an e-mail group so that they can plan together their upcoming adventure.

5)  After the adventure the participants write up a report which STAS then makes available to the sponsors.

Experts in the field! We book all foreign ships through Windseeker (previously At Sea Sail Training)